Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day One

Derm was on the hunt for a Shamrock shake when he was suddenly pulled over by Philadelphia Police for running a red light a few days ago. During the stop Derm initially couldn't produce his registration card but was able to scrounge it up before he was issued the ticket. The officers didn't care much for this fact and told him to go down to traffic court within 5 days.

And we're off!"Do I need my insurance card?"

"Where the fuck is the card?"

Finally!Derm yelled at me for taking pictures and apparently someone else was saying something at me to the effect of "This is a court room, you don't want to be on the phone" But I wasn't listening because I wasn't on the phone.

The Police staffing the security checkpoint didn't seem to mind because it was a camera, not a gun.
Yayyy, forms!
"What the fuck."
"I'll just come back tomorrow"